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TapePac transfers the contents of OpenVMS backup tapes to a Windows disk. The OpenVMS backup tapes are read on an OpenVMS system and the tape contents transferred to a Windows system. TapePac works with OpenVMS tapes written with the OpenVMS Backup utility, and supports tapes written with any block size, including 64k bytes. TapePac also provides for the backup tape contents to be restored to an OpenVMS disk from a Windows disk. Reduce Tape Storage Requirements Converting backup tapes to a Windows disk reduces the storage space needed to house the tapes. Archived data from backup tapes can be stored in much less space on a Windows disk, or can be written to a Windows tape drive. Recycle Tapes Tape media can be reused after transferring the current contents to a Windows disk. Eliminate the Need to Maintain Old Tape Drives Tapes written on older tape drives can be converted to a Windows disk so that the tape contents can be restored without the need to keep the old tape drive operating.
TapePac - OpenVMS tape saveset storage